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Disposal of spent chemical materials and other wastes is a complex procedure which ensures production safety, allows to considerably reduce tax payments and to avoid substantial fines for environment contamination. 

To minimize such payments the plant shall comply with environment protection standards. Unfortunately not all types of productions allow to avoid hazardous waste formation, that’s why it is necessary to arrange their removal and further disposal in a high quality manner. 

The trading company “KhimPromTara” is ready to undertake solving these problems. Due to optimization of work with production waste you will be able to considerably reduce tax payments and to make your production environment-friendly. 

For transportation of hazardous and bulky cargo we use our own specialized vehicles fleet. Moreover our company has at its disposal all necessary equipment for handling spent chemical materials and wastes of the most categories. This allows us to cooperate with our partners without intermediate agents. 

Enormous work experience allows us to promptly arrange loading, transportation and disposal of chemical wastes. For this we use special industrial containers – ibc-containers, metal and plastic drums and containers of suitable quality. Use of such containers minimizes the risk of environment pollution. Further, after transportation, chemical wastes undergo environmentally safe treatment as soon as possible. All activities with the wastes are performed in accordance with the safety certificates. 

We offer you a quick and efficient solution to production wastes and spent chemical materials disposal problem.