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8(950)350-4444 - менеджеры по промтаре
8(950)355-2222 - менеджеры по химии

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(8313) 28-43-27

Telephone: (8313) 36-23-94, 36-72-59, 36-48-74

Trading company “KhimPromTara” renders transportation and logistics services to physical and legal persons. 

We offer to our clients high level of services and strict adherence to deadlines. Our company has been awarded the highest mark for the quality of freight services on the web-site AutoTransInfo. At our disposal we have our own vehicle fleet including haulers of such companies as DAF, FEIGHTLINER, VOLVO, as well as trailers with capacity up to 82 m3 and load-carrying capacity up to 20 tons, and tank semitrailers with load-carrying capacity up to 30 tons. 

Trading company “KhimPromTara” would like to offer long-term cooperation to organizations, as well as to physical persons. 

Transportation by trucks is the most reliable, affordable and advantageous method for delivery of goods over relatively short distances. Its main advantage is that the transport is provided directly to the loading place. Moreover transportation by trucks can be performed within a tight schedule and require lower resources consumption. Transportation by trucks can be used both independently and as a part of a logistic chain. 

Transportation of bulky and hazardous cargo, such as chemical raw materials and production wastes, has its own peculiarities compared to transportation of household goods. Transportation of such goods is regulated by Order #73 dated August 8, 1995 of the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation about approval of regulations for truck transportation of hazardous goods. 

The transport operator shall not only have all necessary permits and licenses for the transport, but also strictly follow the rules for ensuring safety and integrity of the hazardous goods. The personnel involved shall have the required qualification. All this is a necessary condition for performing high-quality and accident-free transportation, and also guarantees delivery of goods within the set dates and without damage. Timely delivery of goods allows to avoid unforeseen expenses, suspension of production process and the plant’s losses caused by this. Advance order of transportation allows to reduce its cost. 

The trading company “KhimPromTara” closely cooperates with many famous Russian transportation companies, including Business lines, PEK, Gruzovozoff, that have proved themselves to be reliable partners for tens of thousands of clients and are recognized leaders in the sphere of forwarding services. Due to such cooperation we perform transportation of goods over the whole territory of Russia, as well as over the neighboring countries, such as Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. 

Our specialists use state-of-the-art electronic software for optimum planning of transportation, as well as huge experience allowing to consider specific character of the goods and the client’s requests. We employ economical approach to organizing our activities, take into account modern tendencies of the transportation services market, which not only saves time and money of our clients, but also guarantees the quality of our services.

Along with transportation services, we can offer to our clients assessment and planning of the goods delivery, as well as insurance of the goods and transport. Moreover we sell and lease special containers – metal and plastic drums, ibc-containers, tanks.