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By the spring of 2012 the company “ChemPromTara” shall start a new IBC-containers production line. The production capacity shall be up to 10 thousand containers per month. This type of containers is one of the most convenient and cost-effective modern methods of chemical products transportation. Due to their high performance characteristics the demand for IBC-containers increases every year.

A standard IBC-container is produced of high density polyethylene. The container capacity is 1 m3. The container is put into a steel basket fixed on a flat rack-pallet (wooden, plastic or steel). 

IBC-containers are ideal for multiple use, transportation and storage of highly hazardous chemical substances (liquid and solid bulk), as well as for food products. Such containers can be used in a wide temperature range, ensure absolute air-tightness, mechanical strength. IBC-containers are practically all-purpose and are suitable for the manufacturers of oils, alcohols, acids and many other chemical products. 

Use of IBC-containers by major manufacturers has several advantages compared to other types of containers. Firstly, the major suppliers ship the products for export to trading companies on condition that the latter perform packaging on site for shipment to small and medium consumers. In such a case the value added as the result of packaging into containers goes to the trading companies, and not the Russian suppliers. If at least a part of such supplies have been made in IBC-containers, then such added value shall be received by the sender. 

Secondly, the Russian manufacturer – supplier often does not have access to small and medium consumers abroad because the former doesn’t have the required type of containers. As a result, our manufacturer loses a huge segment that is rapidly taken by foreign dealers. 

Moreover, during transportation of small batches of products in tank wagons to the ports, after loading to marine transport and delivery to the consumer, the tank wagon shall be returned, and this sufficiently increases the transportation cost. If IBC-containers are used, they shall not be returned. In such a case the exporter can avoid double expenses. 

Finally, the IBC-container has a cubic shape. Therefore the specific volume of the products being transported in such container is a space unit larger than that of the products being transported in drums. Thus the use of IBC-containers saves the space occupied. 

Notwithstanding the obvious advantages of IBC-containers, their supply on the Russian market is poorly developed. Perhaps the only major domestic manufacturer is still considered to be the Kazan company “Greif”. However “Greif” produces containers of medium and low hazard class only. Two other companies – “Mauser” and “Schutz” operate on the Russian market in this sphere, but their products go only for export. 

IBC-containers that are planned for production at “ChemPromTara” will be the only ones in Russia complying with international requirements on transportation of hazard class I substances. The price of such containers will be affordable. The estimated cost of one IBC-container will presumably be 5500 rubles including VAT. Therefore, the start of the new IBC-containers production will give the clients of “ChemPromTara” wide opportunities. And although the first batch of high-quality IBC-containers will be produced only next year, the advance orders can be made now.