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The trading company “ChemPromTara” offers to its clients a wide range of various industrial containers and guarantees its high quality and cleanliness. 


All chemical containers put up for sale pass special quality control system, including express analysis of the medium using special equipment – a ph-meter. 

Ph-meter is an instrument measuring concentration of hydrogen ions in the products produced. The principle of operation of this instrument is simple: the measuring circuit is similar to that of a voltmeter connected with an electrode system. The more hydrogen ions there are the larger is the electromotive force value, and consequently the pH value which is the main characteristics for many productions. 


Ph-meter is widely used for production of all types of fuels, cosmetic and paint and varnish products, in pharmacology and food industry; it found a wide application in microbiology and agrochemistry. Not a single chemical production can operate without it, since the increased acidity of the products produced negatively affects their quality and can eventually lead to defectiveness of the products. That’s why it is important for packaging and industrial containers to be neutral, not to oxidize, and not to affect in any other way the product stored and transported in them. Only packaging of high-quality can preserve the product quality. 

Purchasing cubic containers, canisters or other special chemical containers from our company, the client can be sure that the containers have passed necessary thermal treatment, they are absolutely safe and will become reliable packaging for any products.