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Monoethanolamine is a liquid with a characteristic smell, soluble in water in all proportions, partially soluble in gasoline, toluene, ester.

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Acetone, technical grade

Technical grade acetone is produced by cumene method in various productions as a by-product, as well as by acetone-butanol fermentation method.

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Sodium tripolyphosphate

Sodium tripolyphosphate is used for production of detergents, treatment of boiler feed water, in meat and dairy industries, in retail trade and for other purposes. Two grades of sodium tripolyphosphate is produced: edible and technical.

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Chloramine B

Chloramine B represents crystalline hydrate of sodium salt of benzene sulphonic acid chloramide and is used as a disinfection agent.

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Oligoester acrylates

They represent the product of esterification of methacrylic acid with triethylene glycol in toluene solvent medium. (TU 6-16-2010-82)

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Substances ОP-7 и ОP-10

Substances ОP-7 and ОP-10 have a faintly alkaline or faintly acidic reaction, dissolve well in water. 

Has a sanitary-epidemiological certificate #П.001905.10.07 dated 10.10.2007.

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Triethylene glycol

Purpose: technical triethylene glycol grade A is used as a raw material in production of oligoester acrylates, polyester acrylates, plasticizers and other organic synthesis products.

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Diethylene glycol

Physical properties of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol are similar. Diethylene glycol differs from ethylene glycol by better solubility, lower volatility, higher boiling temperature and viscosity. Freezing temperature of water solution is somewhat higher than that of ethylene glycol, but not significantly.

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Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol is the product of ethylene oxide hydration. Ethylene glycol is used in production of synthetic fibers, solvents, low-freezing and hydraulic fluids.

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Chemical absorbent KhP-I

Chemical absorbent (KhP-I) is used for purification of exhaled air from carbon dioxide in regenerative breathing apparatus system and is used by people of different professions: firemen, mine rescue men, coalers, metallurgists, medical specialists, etc.

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