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Горячая линия:
8(950)350-4444 - менеджеры по промтаре
8(950)355-2222 - менеджеры по химии

Наши телефоны:
(8313) 28-43-27

Telephone: (8313) 36-23-94, 36-72-59, 36-48-74

Our company has been on the Russian market since 2004. We deal with delivery and sales of industrial packaging containers and chemical products. Trading company “ChemPromTara” currently has one of the leading positions on the regional market. Moreover we work on the whole territory of the Russian Federation as well as with neighboring countries. 

The trading company “ChemPromTara” offers to its clients a wide range of chemical raw materials (isopropyl alcohol, epoxy resins, solvents, etc.), coconut, mineral coal and charcoal based activated carbon, as well as special industrial containers: plastic and metal drums, cubic containers (ibc-containers) and canisters of various capacity. Apart from that the company renders transportation and logistics services, as well as services on disposal of production waste and spent chemical raw materials of hazard classes I to IV.

The trading company “ChemPromTara” started its activity from signing major contracts with the leading Russian companies. Today we are cooperating with the largest manufacturers from all over the country. Our clients and partners are chemical, light, construction, oil-refining, food industries plants, as well as electric power and heat power plants. 

The trading company “ChemPromTara” is happy to offer long-term cooperation to organizations and individuals. We supply products which fully comply with international quality standards in the scopes required for you. The company has at its disposal an automobile vehicles fleet, special equipment, qualified personnel and all necessary licenses. For this reason we are able to offer to our clients an invariably high quality of the products supplied and services rendered. 

Throughout the years of successful operation we have proved ourselves to be high professionals and reliable partners who fulfill the obligations in a quality and timely manner.